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We at Kamata Music and Media School are proud to be the Best Music School in Kenya. We are renowned for our ability to train beginners in Music Lessons to Professional standards. For this reason, we have an open invitation to all music enthusiasts interested in taking up any music lessons to come join our school.  Drummers are very important people in the music industry. This is because they give life to music. When live music is being played, a drummer is responsible for setting the music’s tempo. Besides that, a drummer gives the music its groove which hypes the listeners or the audience present. In the next segment of this article, I am going to talk about how one can become a drummer.

  1. Take up drumming lessons

If you would like to be a pro at giving music its Umph, this is the first step. Believe me it is not only the first step when it comes to playing the drums but it is the most important step if you would like to succeed at anything. There is no way or any chance for you to have success at anything under the sun if you don’t begin by learning how it is done. For this reason, I would like to recommend every beginner in this area within the music industry to begin by going to school or hiring a tutor if he or she has drum-sets at home. With the guidance of a tutor, one will have the ability to grasp all the basics in this industry. The basics mastered by an individual will enhance his or her playing and aid in the pointing out of a favorite style of playing.

  1. Do Practice

I strongly agree with the saying that says “Practice makes perfect.” Dear reader or music enthusiast, I have a personal message for you. If you would like to or know of anyone who wants to be perfect in any arts, the first thing to do after you have begun learning is practice. Practice!!! Practice!!! Practice!!! This way, and only this way are you guaranteed of mastering what you are taught. Remember that nothing comes easy… You have to invest your time, resources and energy towards your excellence. Therefore, doing practice as little as it may seem will make you get better each day. Ask any professional drummer. He or she can affirm to this.


  1. Develop Muscle Memory


This is very important when it comes to playing any music instrument. Often, development or mastery of muscle memory happens during the first lessons of any music instrument. Thus, one should never take the basics for granted. In order for you to master and develop muscle memory, you have to start by memorizing the basic beat drum patterns. While playing, play with your eyes open for about 30 minutes then close your eyes and try to synchronize the snare drum with the metronome you are using to play.

  1. Work with other instrumentalists


To master the art of playing drums, it is important that you play with other instrumentalists. This has two important developments to your path as a drummer. One is that that you will have the ability to play with bands in your future days as a drummer because of the exposure it will give you. The second importance it will bring forth is that you will be able to play on time. This implies that you won’t skip a beat and you are assured of not getting disappointed before an audience.


With these four tips on how you can be a good drummer, you are all set to begin your career or follow your drumming passion that will likely open doors for you. Come to our school and kick start your path to greatness. We assure you that you will prosper. We are The Best Music and Media School in Kenya!



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