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Kamata Music School is the best music school in Kenya. We have trained very many music personalities and musicians who have made it big in the showbiz industry. We have a good reputation of being the figure behind the nurturing music talents across the country and Africa at Large. Join our school today and make your chances of success in the music industry a reality. Call us on 072213784!

Every day, I come across a musician or two who ask me this one common question that music producers and bloggers come across. How can I make it in the music industry? Well. Making it in this wide versatile industry is not a big deal. It is all about how well equipped you are in terms of knowledge and skills. This is why we at Kamata Music School are here. We are here to equip you with the skills that will make you become a versatile musician and also acquire the knowledge of how the industry works.

One thing you have to understand is that you will not wake up in the morning and boom! You have become a famous celebrity or a personality in the music industry. Believe me it will take you a great deal of time. The time you take will depend on the investments you make and the skills that you have with you. To be realistic enough, what I am trying to imply here is that if you want to earn from music, just like in any other business, you have to invest both your time and money into it.

With all that having been said, here are a few things that you must do to make it in the music industry.

1. Have an optimistic mind.

Now understand this clear concept. Your mind is your greatest tool. The fact is that your mind is your only survival tool that you have control over. If you would like to be a successful musician someday, you have to make your mind in line with your desires and ambitions. How can you expect yourself to become anything when you have a bad perception or self-doubt in you? To be clear enough, I am saying that having a pessimistic mind will cost you your ambitions.

Annually, there are over 80,000 music albums that are produced and ready for the market globally. That transcends to about over one million songs by various musicians both established and growing in the industry. To be able to stand out or get in a position that you will enjoy being at but not be in a comfort zone, you have to set your mind in the game. Start being positive about what you want and believe me, it will start being easier. Love what you do regardless of what you are told by those who think that you cannot make it. Close your ears and open your brain and boom! You will love everything that will come your way!

2. Make your craft excellent!

Music being an art, you have to be really good to shine amongst the other creative minds like you are! Now, here is a fact. To have an excellent craft, everything you do about it from the songs that you listen to have to be in line with what you want. If you would like to be a global star someday, then listen to what those who have hit the global market the most! Like they say, feed the computer trash and it will give you trash back!

Go to school, learn music, sharpen your skills and make yourself ready for the course ahead of you. The reason behind this is very simple. Learning from an experienced tutor will enable you to be smart with and intellectually embedded to work your way through the music industry. Having the necessary skills such as stage performance techniques, great vocals and confidence is the beginning to your chances of success!

3. Get perfect advice.

Now this is a big deal. It is statistically proven that what we think of and what makes our belief system is strengthened by what we hear! If you doubt this, look at churches and schools! What you hear will either make you have an optimistic or pessimistic mind. If you want to be great, listen and take advice from those who have already achieved something or what is related to what you would to venture in. Listen to them as they share their success stories. While doing this, stay cautious and let nothing pass your ears. Use your instincts to filter out what you think is applicable to you!

4. Hang around other musicians.

Whom do you hang around? This is also important. See if you want to be successful, you have to hang around those who do what you do. There is a saying that says “Birds of the same feathers flock together.” Being around those who do music like you do especially music professionals such as established musicians and music professionals will be more beneficial to your career in music. This is because these individuals will offer you proper guidance which will help you set more realistic goals. Counter-check the ‘crew’ you hang out with and if you have none of your caliber, then it is high time you changed your company.

5. Register your work and understand what copyright is!

Now this is very important. Why because music is business and to be in business, you need legal documentation. How else do you expect to earn. Register your original work with music copyright companies such as the MCSK if you are in Kenya or the music copyright associations in your country. Before doing this, have a clear understanding of how the copyright laws both in your country and internationally operate. This way you will know what it is that you are getting in to. This segment is not an exemption because if you want to earn royalties of all your works, you have to be a registered musician.

These tips are here to help you figure out your way into the music industry. You can make it big if you decide to take your chance. Join our school and let us make it really possible.

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