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Tips on how to shoot great videos

Mastering several basic video shooting techniques will greatly improve the quality of your videos and indeed raise you into the league of professionals.

Kamata School is the best place to learn videography in detail if you wish to grow your skills to professional level. Right now, let’s look into a few ways to improve your video coverage quality.


  1. Shoot steadily. Using a tripod becomes very helpful towards achieving steady video shoot. A tripod, however, limits movement and thereby denying you certain dimensions you may want to take your video. While on the camera, and not using a tripod, it becomes imperative to find a posture that will help you take videos steadily without shaking and tilting with every breath.
  2. Play with angles and perspective. To shoot interesting and eye capturing videos, you must employ creative shooting techniques. There are multiple perspectives to your object and creativity is required to make a good judgement on which angle to approach your coverage.
  3. Prioritize quality and clear audio. The audio output of your videos is of paramount importance. Often, viewers are more interested with the audio than even the video itself. The want to listen to the conversation, music, or presentation. Poor audio output will make the person watching your video lose interest in it even when the video output is great. You can use various microphone options to capture good audio, alternatively record the audio separately in a recording studio and merge with the video. There a quite a number of alternatives to help you achieve quality audio output in a video.
  4. Learn how to use Light. The quality of your video is greatly affected by lighting. Over exposure to light or inadequate lighting will certainly affect your video quality. Outdoor videos with natural lighting are easier to do, in as far as lighting is concerned. For indoor shoots and in places that are not well lit, you will need to have lighting equipment. Work on your skills so that you’ll do good lighting for your videos.
  5. Know your settings. It is important to understand the functionality of your camera. It is often said that the person behind the equipment matter more than the kind of equipment in use. Your camera could be just fine but if you do not know how to use it, you will blame its functionality for your lousy videos. Take your time to learn how to use your camera.

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