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What does it mean to write a song when so much of today’s music is voiceless? That’s a great question for another article. But let’s say that, for our purposes, songwriting is the process of assembling musical ideas to form a larger structure of cohesive melody, harmony, and rhythm. It’s the brainstorming process that leads to a beginning, a middle, and an end.

What makes a good song? This is also debatable, but I’m more willing to answer this question. A song with good content depends on the listener and what appeals to them. It’s totally subjective. However, a well-crafted song is more objectively identifiable and will usually have all the elements listed above (i.e. melody, harmony, rhythm, beginning, middle and end) while being composed in a pleasingly recognizable way while remaining creative and staying true to the music’s message.

When it comes to lyrics, I like to think about prosody: how lyrics and music work together to support each other. It is not enough to have good texts from a literary point of view. They also have to be musical when the singer sings them.

A good song unfolds in time, takes us down a familiar path full of surprises to make sure we’re listening. What the singer sings he/she accompanies the harmony in a way that pleases the ears and uses repetition to help the listener get used to the progression of the chords before moving on to the next section and another set of chords.

Song Writing course is rare to find in this parts of the world because many have not yet embraced the true worth of creative arts. However, at Kamata School we are focused on what’s happening on the ground. More and more young people are getting into the arts business, specifically music. We want to be part of that change. Guiding our young ones into becoming better writers with content that will last a life time.

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