Music Production at Kamata School is highly regarded as a top music production school in Africa. The training at Kamata Music Production School is highly known locally and abroad. We train Music Producers from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, D.R.C., South Sudan, Ethiopia, Malawi and Ghana. The entire world has felt our contribution to remarkable musicianship across Africa.

Our training in Music Production is known for developing versatile, outstanding Music producers and professionals in the region. Music production graduates have become successful in music production not just in Nairobi but across the country and the continent of Africa.

Several of our Music Production students are setting the stage around the world.

Kamata Music Production training program equips the learner, not just with the production computer software but also with Music as a creative art, sound technique, and entertainment business management as a vital discipline for success in the field of Music and Entertainment. Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs. An audio producer will shape the sound of another artist’s album and create beats for their music. To become a good Music Producer, technical knowledge in Music, Production software and broad creativity are very important. We require Music Production students to develop essential Piano skills, as the Piano is a crucial instrument in Music Production.

Creating sound for audio releases, film, video games, and any other medium involves a unique combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility. Kamata School of Music Production & Sound Design for Audio Media provides a distinctive collaborative atmosphere for music composition and sound production, using industry-standard technologies for the rapidly growing audio and visual media industry.

  • Friendly Learning Environment: Once you join Kamata Music Production School, you will LOVE the people at your service, the mood in our classes, the energy, the groove, and the vibe. Your happiness is important to us. We are a Happy Place!
  • Quality Teachers: We engage university graduates who qualify highly and have experience in Music Production and Sound Engineering as our instructors. Our teachers are highly qualified and successful creative professionals who have made a name for themselves in their respective industries.
  • Class Time Flexibility: Flexible class schedules allow you to study despite your tight routines at work and school and perform family or social duties.
  • The Best Quality Content: We are keen to ensure that you receive the ultimate quality training. We shall teach you well-researched and tested Music Production and Sound Engineering concepts. Our facility has the best books in soft and hard copies and quality learning materials, and we shall be your guide to becoming the best version of yourself in Music Production.
  • Secure and Convenient Location: The school is in a secure and central location in Nairobi CBD. For students across Kenya, we have hostels available for accommodation that are both accessible and secure.
  • Career Opportunities: Kamata Music School offers opportunities for anyone seeking to broaden their horizons in entertainment and creative careers. You will meet potential clients, employers, and friends who will be your partners in the creative journey you have embarked on.
  • Great Networks: At Kamata Music Production School, you will meet people from all career fields wishing to expand their skills in Music. This could be the beginning of a friendship, business partnership, or even a relationship. Good People Find Great People at places like Kamata Music School.

Studying Composition & Music Production at Kamata School provides a dynamic learning environment for making original pieces. Music producers, songwriters writingessayeast.com, media composers, electronic musicians, and creative performers will develop their unique blend of performance, production, and professional skills.

We help our students establish a career in the dynamic music industry.


Period: Music Production and Sound Engineering training are conducted in semesters. Each semester takes three months. The student shall take two semesters to cover Piano lessons, Audio Production Software, Audio Programming, Audio Referencing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering, and submit a Music Project. These are skill-based classes aimed at making you good at digital and live Music creation, Studio acoustics, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. Upon completion of the first two semesters, the student may proceed to Entertainment Management and Sound Engineering training in 2 other semesters.

Class Frequency: Classes take place three days a week. The days are agreeable between the student and the instructors for Piano lessons and Music Production. This is an ideal plan for working, studying, and residing in Nairobi. We have morning, afternoon and evening classes.

Class Length: Each Piano, Music Production, or Sound Engineering lesson lasts 1 hour. We typically do double sessions meaning most of the classes last for 2 Hours. More time may be set aside for practical work by students - this entails music creation, studio set-up, making audio tracks and recording artists. Students also undertake assignments and class projects.

Evaluation: The teacher constantly assesses the students' progress to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of the concepts. Students shall sit for a C.A.T Exam. Practical skills account for 30% of your grading, C.A.T. 30%, and Exam 40%.

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2 Semesters / 3 Months Each

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