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The best Guitar Lessons are offered at Kamata Music and Media School. Kamata Music School is the best Music School in Nairobi. In Kenya, this is the place where you can be coached and made a Pro. Guitar Lessons at this great institution turns the lives of its students around. Many often become Great Guitarists and play with bands across the country. Some perfect at playing the Guitar and become amazing Solo artists. Guitar students at Kamata School of Music and Media get the privilege of attaining great and amazing skills. They get to understand guitar notations, play a song and chords on time, how they can memorize the Guitar’s fretboard among many other skills. In the following section of this article, let’s have a clear look at the skills we incubate on our students.

1. Understanding Guitar Notations
This art allows students to have a clear understanding of the notes in the Guitar. They also get to have a clear listening skill that helps puck up the notes hidden in the chords played with ease. Reading the guitar notes become an added advantage to their skills. It is very out of shape to play a Guitar chord without having a clear understanding of how it is constructed. Knowing the ins and outs of the Guitar is the beginning of greatness to every instrumentalist.

2. Playing chords on time
This is one of the earliest skills taught to our students immediately after they have learned how chords are constructed. While teaching our students the first chords, we train them how well and swiftly they can be able to move from one chord to the other with ease. After a few lessons and practice, they get to and change chords in time. Imagine being in a concert and the Guitarist is not timely moving from chord to another. I don’t wanna figure out how the music would sound.

3. Memorize the fretboard.
The Guitars fretboard is evenly spread on the Guitar’s neck. It has various keys/notes on every string. These are the notes that are used to construct the chords while playing the Guitar. We understand the importance of memorizing the fretboard and its meaning in the playing of the Guitar. That is why our tutors make emphasis in the mastering the fretboard in the first couple lessons.

4. Playing of Barre Chords
Barre chords are can hardly be played by various Guitarists around the globe. This is because of the little complexity that structures it up. To play these chords, one needs the guidance of a Guitar instructor. They require lots of practice, maintaining the right positions of the chords. The positivity I the playing of barre chords are they make life easier for the Guitarist. This is because unlike Caged chords, the patterns in the barre chords are always the same.

5. Music Theory
Music theory classes cannot be skipped while learning musical instruments such as the Guitar and the Piano. The theory classes have been designed in the music instrument lessons as a guide to every music instrumentalist. The reason why theory comes in handy is that it helps a musician when he or she is creating his or her own music. Actually, I must state that 2 guitar skills which are essential in the playing of the guitar in an instrumentalist’s lifetime of playing have a close relationship to music theory.

6. Guitar Scales
I don’t wanna imagine me playing an instrument such as the Guitar without knowing its scales. To be realistic enough, an individual cannot be able to play the Guitar notes without understanding the Guitar scales on the fretboard. The arrangement of scales in the Guitar’s neck offers a path on the fretboard to help master notes and guide in the construction of chords.

7. Arpeggios
Imagine understanding the paths in the fretboard and having the skill of playing the notes on the fretboard with ease. It really is fantastic right? I know so. However, one thing I’m certain about is that playing these notes in a logical way makes the music sound really amazing. An arpeggio helps an individual indicate the notes that he or she should cling on to while playing. While playing Solo, playing an arpeggio makes one take control of the audience.

8. Chord progressions
While playing a music instrument such as the Piano or the Guitar, one has to follow a systematic format that makes his or her playing have the musical sense in it. Because a chord’s progression has an arrangement that has to be adhered to, Guitarists have to be good enough in how they transition from chord to chord.

Discussed above are some of the skills that are needed by every guitarist to have the ability to play the Guitar with a professionalism that is applausive. To have these skills one must have discipline when doing the practice. Nothing comes easy. Discipline and hard work will eventually make you an outstanding Guitarist. To join Kamata Music and Media School, call 0722137784.

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