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Essential Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography tips
Photography Lessons

Photography has been on the rise recently. Everyone wants pictures of them or their products taken from individuals to companies. The rising use of social media and access to the internet has given people the need to use photos for marketing.

Just like any other profession, photography is also a well-paying job in the job market. Most people do not consider it a professional activity. However, as digital technology expands, more people consider photography a passion.

Some learnt photography through experimenting while some took photography classes. Whichever method is used,  gives one the basic foundation and understanding of photography.

What Are The Basic Tips Of Photography?

For one to be a professional photographer, one needs to learn the basics of photography. Here are some of the basic tips.

  • One photography tip is to have a Camera

Think of the best photos that you’ve ever seen or a photo that left you wowed. For the photos to be taken, a camera was used. As a beginner, you may not get a professional camera immediately. You may use a phone camera to take good photos. Furthermore, you may use the camera that you have to get started.

Photography tips

  • Learn the camera settings

There are many camera settings in the camera. It may take time to learn them as a beginner. You may need a lot of practice to get them correct. Additionally, practise how to adjust the lens properly. It helps you get good-looking images and admirable photos.

  • Pay attention to the light

If you’re taking a picture of an amazing sunset, a completely dark foreground could ruin the photo. That’s where having good lighting comes in handy. The balance between your subject and background is key to creating an impressive image.

photography tips

  • Another photography tip is, to take your time

For a beginner, it is easy to make a mistake when shooting. You need to check your camera settings and your positioning. The best way to tackle this is by slowing down whenever possible.

Don’t let people discourage you. In addition, always review your photos in the field. It will make you understand where you went wrong. You will also learn which are you need to improve on.

  • Always Move

One of the best ways to keep your photos interesting and unpredictable is to keep them moving while you are taking them. That is to say, don’t stay in one place. Instead, walk around, climb on things, and move your feet, or camera as much as possible. Don’t let yourself get bored with taking the same shots repeatedly. Instead, keep moving with the light and try new ideas like never before!

  • Know when to use a tripod

When should one use a tripod stand? When your subject is stationary. Architectural and landscape photographers use tripod stands. It makes the camera more stable when capturing still images. If you are an event photographer, do not use a stand. It will slow you down.

Photography tips

  • Learn basic photo editing skills

Photo editing skills come in handy to make those breathtaking photos. Proper photo editing skills, gives you an advantage over other photographers. It will also make your photos easy to send since some photos may be too large to send.


Those are some of the basic tips to get you started. The most important thing is to always practice.  Furthermore, invest in advancing your photography skills. Photography is one of the growing professions in Kenya and all over the world. Have fun and become the photographer everyone wants to work with.


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