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I am taken by your slightly seen silhouette,
perfect form flicker in the lake and reservoirs of my memories and untouched..
I often strum gently to your dance and surreal waltz,
under this dim candle light,
you reassure me..
silently yet,
your words and emotions come through perfectly,
to the sound of these acoustics, so,
Can I…
Silently recite this whisper of speech,
so eager for conquer of your ear’s depth,
My untitled Thoughts..
ticking away in dual simplicity of my paradoxical thoughts,

which, are always in contradiction with each other..

so I curl up space and time with the gravity of this inconsistency,

this irony that the only thing I know about myself is that,

I’m lost deep in the only person I claim to understand in this world, me.

This leaves me wondering..

maybe soul searching is undervalued,

so I scope once again to Orion,

hoping that at least her complexity is divine, strong enough to understand me,

how can she not?

but then all I get is more questions,

how vast is the space needed for me to seek?

I don’t even know where to begin,

yet, I keep telling myself that I will find me, some day.
Isn’t it ironic..?

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  1. Its a good thing having this school of music here in Kenya. I have met some of your students, and they are real good. I will send to you some youth to learn how to play instruments some day; soon.

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