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Music and Entertainment Business is an area many young people are passionate to venture into in Kenya. In my experience, I wish to share insights that can be helpful to such enthusiasts, and to make a contribution towards promoting Music and Entertainment Business in Kenya.


Growing up in ‘’Ushagoo”, tea growing uplands of Gatundu South in a remote village called Karatu, the 90s had little to present for a village boy who’s passion was music and entertainment. But I’ll be lying to say we didn’t have fun – Tuesday nights WWF gave us little thrills! The Undertaker going up against my favorite wrestler Bret Hitman Hart – even the President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi admitted he wouldn’t miss it for anything. At 10pm it was needless to say, Children go to bed! The Bold and the Beautiful sprayed the chilly nights with a tune, so slithering, it spoke louder than words. My siblings and I, the three of us, were raised strictly Christian. Our parents were saved to the core. Music and entertainment in our house was strictly 90s gospel. Munishi from Tanzania carried the day way before Esther Wahome declared ‘’Kuna Dawa!’’. I just loved music, what could have stopped me from Makarena and Mr. Boombastic – Shaggy!? I had to sneak in the music. I bought cassette tapes to be played while parents were away.


Submitting to parents, teachers or your grandmother that you wished to pursue music as a career wouldn’t pass as sane in the 90s. We were raised to become teachers, medics, lawyers, accountants, engineers and everything white collar. Luckily for me, my parents discovered my obsession with music while I was in high school and enrolled me for Piano lessons during school holidays. This was a foundation I am utmost thankful for. Later I would join The University of Nairobi for a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sociology, aiming to work in finance, I also enrolled for CPAs at Strathmore University. I got employed as a credit control assistant in an insurance company, and was later transferred to Meru as an accountant. At around this time, I started a small Entertainment business in the year of our Lord 2009.


Entertainment is the heartbeat of media – both mainstream and social media. We all flock to these platforms to get entertained. The wide scope covered by the entertainment industry creates endless avenues to build careers, businesses and find fulfilment in self-expression.


The last two years have seen an excitement and evolution of the entertainment scene in Kenya. Expanded internet access has enabled young people to thrust and make a fortune with the newfound online paying platforms. The entertainment industry is a field that arouses curiosity, fans emotions, and attracts masses who are inherently drawn to consume unlimited volumes of emotionally amusing content. Success in this field is rewarded with great admiration and happy pockets. Passion and creativity are a prerequisite to remarkable performance in any field of entertainment.


According to PwC Entertainment and Media (E&M) Outlook 2018-2022, Kenya’s E&M industry saw 17.0% year-on-year growth in 2017, again propelled by growth in the Internet sector. An 11.6% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will take the country to US$2.9 billion in 2022, from US$1.7 billion in 2017. Total entertainment and media revenue is projected to approach Ksh300 Billion in the current year 2022.



From my experience in the Entertainment Industry, and having observed continuous change over the last decade, I am persuaded that the basics are still just as valuable.

  1. Discover and nurture talent and gifts among the youth.

Early discovery of talents and subsequent training will place young people at an advantage point. Whether you will eventually apply a skill commercially or not, you are at no loss acquiring it. Join the class, attend the event, and learn online. Who knows when your skill will have you smile to the bank?

  1. Find out what will work for you

I greatly admired both local and international musicians, my dream was to make hit songs like Usher or E-sir. I wanted to sing and dance but was faced with a challenge of raising recording fees. I sung in Church, youth concerts and karaoke. My entrepreneurship journey eventually led me to training, recording, videography and photography. I never quite became the celebrity singer, but I found something that works for me. The entertainment industry is wide. There is space and unlimited room for growth.

  1. Cultivate multiple skills

The age of specialization – relying on one skill has passed. Multiple skills will make you more valuable to any organization. Acquire technical skills, management skills, communication skills, persuasion, writing skills, people skills and whichever other skill you can lay hands on. You’ll become more valuable in the market place. Startups require the entrepreneur to be the H.R., marketer, sales person, book keeper and everything else till the day the business affords hiring professionals. Skills that I had acquired in my previous employment, school, and through working with various gifted individuals – all came into play while running my business.

  1. Activity is the name of the game

I do not like the phrase ‘’Hard Work’’. It is intimidating. I prefer to call it ‘’Activity’’. Getting started and engaging in a series of well-disciplined activities. It works miracles in the long run. For young people faced with the challenge of raising capital to pursue your dreams, you must adequately compensate the lack of funds with activity. A daily account of activities that you’ve engaged in to accomplish your dream will go a long way seeing it to fruition. Simply put, what are you doing? Who have you approached? How many potential customers have seen or heard of you today? How much have you invested in research? Zero is not a good answer. Get the numbers rolling!

  1. Buy lunch for someone who’s ahead of you

A whole hour or two to learn from a person who has successfully achieved what you dream of is worth every penny you’ll pay for the decent treat. It is unlikely that they will decline the offer, all humans love being appreciated and gifted. Successful people are often more than willing to share useful insights. Over lunch or coffee paid by you, it doesn’t get any better.



Potential fields in Entertainment

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of areas young people, and all interested persons, can venture into that relate to entertainment.

  1. Audio and Music Production
  2. DJ and Video Mixing
  3. Sound Engineering
  4. Singing and Playing of Music Instruments
  5. Videography and Photography
  6. Events supplies, and organization
  7. Experiential marketing
  8. Digital marketing and influencing
  9. Music and digital content distribution
  10. Artist management
  11. Comedy
  12. Gaming
  13. Filming
  14. Blogging and Videos
  15. Publications
  16. Working in the media industry
  17. Training


I would be glad to hear your feedback, reach the author via email talktokamata@gmail.com


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