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When you come to Kamata Music School, you will learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime. We take pride in producing vocalists, producers, instrumentalists, managers and more. Our alumni have made tremendous changes in the entertainment business. Kamata Music School not only trains its students; it also nurtures their talents.

Meet Melvin AKA J Robin

Melvin aka J Robin

Melvin studied at Kamata Music School. He is an excellent pianist, producer and vocalist. Music is his passion. He has produced his own music; you can check out his Youtube channel.

He cleared his training and is now working towards making himself better. As they say: ” Practice makes perfect.” Melvin is a perfect example of making yourself better. He started with little knowledge and he has grown and is always perfecting his art and skills.

Currently, he is undertaking Vocal Lessons and he has greatly improved. Additionally, he has performed on many stages and events. His musical intelligence and generosity come from working with great musicians on a wide range of songs.

He is also a good listener, not just in music itself, but also in inquiring advice and guidance from his teachers and colleagues. He takes his time to analyse and understand the different creative approaches of his fellow musicians, artists, and songwriters.

The reason why J Robin is unique in his own crafts and explorations is that he is confident to try out different genres of music such as Afropop, trap, pop, etc. He goes further and familiarises himself with different languages, cultures and dictions. He embraces his weaknesses and makes them his stronghold, and that is why his taste in music is unique and he is comfortable with being who he really is.

Considering the fact that J Robin is multi-talented, he is a very reliable and resourceful musician when you have him in your studio or record label. He is ready to learn and understand that nobody is perfect, but he takes the opportunity to collaborate, practise, and become the best version of himself.

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