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Kamata Music and Media School has an events department that plans and hosts events in Nairobi. This magnificent institution being the best Music and Media School in Kenya takes has a live band that entertains the audience. This is because during occasions and special events, music is something that keeps things lively. If you are looking to create a whole new experience for your guests, you ought to consider hiring a live band to play live music. This will give your occasion or event a feeling of elegance and class if you are looking for such standards.

Live music has some specific benefits. It creates a good vibe and puts people at ease. Live music  adds a visual effect that essentially can’t be duplicated by recorded music. It establishes a mood that gets your visitors moving and makes the party one to remember. There is a vitality, an energy, a freshness, and a connection with your visitors created through a live musical group. The keys to an extraordinary occasion are the sights and sounds produced as the festival unfolds. A live band is animating; it is visual, unique, dynamic, ready to produce vitality that the crowd can feel, and made out of a gathering of “genuine” performers that your guests can celebrate with.


Stress reduction is one of the greatest and most outstanding advantages of going to a live music show. It provides a little bit more of something we could all do with a great deal. According to scientists live musical performances reduces the release of a stress hormone known as cortisol.


A live music concert with the lights, the energy, the sound of the live musical instruments the people and the atmosphere is a great way to boost your happiness and put a smile on your face.

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ll know the sense of togetherness you get from the rest of the crowd. Every one is there for the same reason, and there is a sense of community when the crowd erupts for the artist or a favourite song, it’s hard to get this anywhere else. 


A study carried out by Deakin University in Australia back in June 2016 found that individuals who went to music shows regularly have an improved sense of mental prosperity and are more joyful in their everyday lives than individuals who don’t attend them frequently.  A band will always ensure they give their best when performing because it is also one way of marketing themselves. For this reason, they will ensure they give a fun and entertaining show which will ensure your guests are not bored.

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