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Kamata Music and Media School has a program that allows Kids to get trained into Sportsmanship. This is of course the best sports program for kids in Nairobi and most definitely the whole of Kenya. Team sports offer something beyond physical benefits for children who engage in it. It additionally helps them mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, there are additionally social parts of group activities that kids will appreciate. Sports can help build confidence and boost self-esteem in children; a high five, a thumbs up or even a pat on the back can help build confidence in them. These signals are often seen in teammates but mostly from coaches when recognizing good performance. The more kids gain knowledge about themselves and their capabilities the higher their confidence grows.

Exercise sounds a lot like work, so if you tell a child to exercise they may put up a fight but tell them to go out and play with his/her friends and you won’t get any arguments. Kids mostly don’t realize that they are building stamina and endurance, maintaining a healthy body weight which will help them ward off diseases associated with obesity thanks to all the physical activities.


While playing sports youth athletes gain the skill of working well with each other, something they will carry with them their entire lives. This skill will benefit them when they get older because they’ll have learned how to work well with others.


If your child has started developing some bad behavior and your having some trouble initialing discipline in him/her then enrolling them in sports is a good idea. Every sport has a set of rules and accepting judgments based on the rules is a big part of good sportsmanship. This is an important skill that kids take from the pitch or court is respect. They have to respect and listen to the coaches and referees who in most cases are older and also respect the players who are their peers.

We always expect kids to learn how to control their emotions as they grow up especially the negative ones. Most of the time in sports emotions run high and learning how to relay them may be a challenge for children. One of the greatest pieces of knowledge a coach will instill in your child is ow to turn away from negative emotional pressure because it hurts performance; this will equip your child better to tackle a huge scope of challenges in his/her future life.

Through sports kids learn about time management and discipline, kids normally support each other keep track of schedules on and off the field especially in sports and academics.

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