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Jiko La Mziki Concert – 254

Kamata Concert
Kamata School of Music Live Concert

Kamata Entertainment is set to hold a virtual concert tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 28, 2020.


The concert is bound to be a Live Showcase consisted of our artists of quite diverse African Music origins such as Afrobeat, Afropop, Soul Music, Instrumental Performances, and Country Music.

We draw inspiration from our vision to nature African sounds and drive the upcoming generation of musicians to a point where their music is considered elite on a global level.

Given the difficulties associated with the COVID – 19 epidemic, we made sure to involve artists and a workforce that has been the most affected. Our line-up and technical team for instance is a wide collection of some of Kenya’s most exquisite musicians and also the finest of the best unplugged and upcoming scene.


To ensure that we produce the best quality audiovisual music experience for digital broadcasting, we settled on the following:



The concert shall be held in a studio specially designed for video streaming and coverage yet spacious enough for holding a mid-size group of artists and technical crew.

We settled for Paresia Center, Nairobi for their studio set up and also based on our prior experience with them.

The studio features the required acoustics and environment for live recording and African aesthetics to go with it.

Given previous engagement, the sound engineers and designers engaged are confident that the place satisfies the expected requirements for a top-tier showcasing.



Having worked with various artists previously, we have carefully selected artists of a mixed caliber whom we assure could deliver the quality of performance an event of this magnitude should attract.

We have been keen on their experience in live performances, audience appeal, and most definitely their message as pertains to African Music. The artists have already shared with us their written profiles, expectations as a complement to our previous experience with them.



We have identified and had conversations with popular M.C.s with a nationally noticeable influence. We intend to have a lady and a gentleman co-work to run the show even to the point including event promotion.

The M.C.s are bound to keep event tracking in order, introduce performers, keep the show interesting by engaging the live audience before and during the premier, entertain and above all increase live reach to the performances.



To push our African theme, we are working hand in hand with Paresia Center and as such enforcing a fully comprehensive system. Since Paresia Center specializes in live streaming and video coverage, their studio units are fully equipped with performance stages and enough lighting to ensure videos are captured with the right equipment is to the desired expectations.

We have also contributed to the same set up by including some of our own parts to make up the proscenium and a minimal arena to accommodate artists when not performing.



All artists involved will be required to adequately prepare for the concert and actually severally experience the stage before the performance day. We plan to hold weekly practice sessions with the band and sound engineers before the event and have the artists visit the studio at a later to familiarize themselves with the set up before the shoot day.

Quite a number of the performers bear some chemistry having previously worked together at events we organized in the past and as such it will be easy for them to synchronize. For perfect execution, the practice sessions will be happening partly at our studios in Nairobi CBD, at our music school at Queensway in Nairobi, and also at band practice studios within the town.



We intend to engage the best videographers and film editors and are in the process of vetting their previous jobs, to ensure the world-class quality of output. We are currently in talks with PrinceCam Media Ltd. and Talanta Institute to have as our primary video production goes to. Having engaged as third party contributors to other events, we are confident they could get the job done.

As of now, we have held several meetings discussing the subject and agree that their experience in TV Production will be of paramount essence to the success of our event.



To achieve maximum reach, we will run promoted advertisements through our social media pages to create primary engagement and awareness about the show. Additionally, we are in discussion with some of the most followed social media influencers with active engagement and wish to have them create a buzz about the concert and even do live reposts as the event premieres.

Furthermore, our database entails over 5300 students who have successfully been through our school and we will send them real-time invites for participation before and during the show to create a rather organic interaction.



Having deliberated with some of the most experienced sound engineers with whom we have worked before we are confident the show rests in good hands. We have infused but analog and digital gear for both production and post-production processes and are working alongside the video production team to ensure the relative coordination of both teams.



On October 3, 2020, we held a similar concert but of a smaller magnitude originally intended to be a TV teaser for some upcoming episodes. This will be an adequate highlight of our major areas of weakness and a test run to further advise our weekly practice sessions for the AfroMziki Concert – 254.



We hope to set up a unique African theme set for the virtual concert. This is in line with our focus in the African music scene and also a related factor to the scope of our choice of artists. Paresia Center and our very dedicated team will ensure that the concert well identifies with the audience and displays the beauty of African Music.



The staff, outsourced workforce, and referral employees involved in planning the event, from Kamata Entertainment and partners in liaison, hold vast experience in the management of successful entertainment events. Furthermore we have broken down the functional mode into one where each department is able to operate almost independently with the oversight of a single director to ensure that the creative process is not obsessively controlled or influenced by a single person.

All technical assistants will be sublet through the established departments.



Given that some of the equipment we are bound to use are outsourced and the still ongoing global pandemic, we have to ensure and see to the safety of both everyone involved and all instruments of work. We will have a privately contracted security agency on the ground at all times and especially at the performance studio. Furthermore, we will conduct mandatory training for the task force so as to ensure adherence to the well-described COVID – 19 guidelines for each and every person involved in the event.



  • All studio set up is bound to be done a day before the event. We will ensure all equipment set up is done and subsequent sound check is done a day before the event and as such a demo of the same forwarded to you through the streamlined channels.

This will be inclusive of all backline arrangement and primary mapping.


  • Artists are expected to begin performances at 10:00 AM and the event recording is supposed to end at 5:00 PM. Arrival at the venue for shooting and recording is scheduled for 9:00 AM, 21st Nov 2020.
  • Each artist or group of artists will be expected to perform in 10 minutes to 15-minute sets. Creative audience engagement shall be choreographed by the event directors.

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