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Kamata Music School, the best music school in Kenya has a well renowned reputation of making great music personalities in the East African region. We are dedicated towards the achievement and realization of goals to all those who choose to come and study at our school. Our music production classes are very accommodating and easy to follow through. In this article I am going to discuss what makes a great music producer.

1. Love and Respect Music

This is the only most significant component of achieving success as a producer. If you’re simply in it for the promise of cash, glamor, or status, you’re unlikely to realize any of these things.


Love music and commit yourself to knowing the maximum amount as you’ll be able to concerning it. Listen to over 1,000,000 songs until you understand what can make a song work and what weakens it. Keep the goal of manufacturing a good song your high priority on each single track you create. Respect the craft of songwriting, performance, and recording, and simply perhaps you’ll find yourself creating one thing actually nice. You’ll be able to worry concerning buying a brand new automotive once the checks begin rolling in. Just don’t pay it bushed one place.


2. Learn Engineering and compounding Skills

This isn’t the sole path to success, however most high producers have some background in engineering or compounding. Understanding however the various components of a song work along sonically can provide you with a stronger foundation for once you’re within the producer’s chair creating choices concerning however the track can ultimately sound.


The other major advantage of cutting your teeth as associate degree engineer is that the longer you pay within the studio, the additional seemingly you’re to fulfill individuals within the business that you simply genuinely ambience with. view instance Noah “40” Shebib. forty was engineering during a provincial capital studio once he began operating with Drake. once the 2 of them spent weeks auditioning and spending on many beats submitted by alternative producers, he finally submitted one amongst his own beats to the rapper. That beat over up turning into the song “Successful.”


3. Develop and Maintain Relationships

The music business is constructed on relationships. However you treated somebody 5 years ago will (and typically will) have an effect on potential opportunities for you within the future. Work on building and maintaining relationships with individuals and you never know what the future might unfold for you.


4. Create Your Own Lane

A lot of individuals will manufacture a record. Draw a bead on to be the one who will manufacture a record during a manner that solely you’ll have made it. After you think about the producers UN agency have extremely created a mark in musical history, they need all brought their own sense of individualism to the records they created.


Most of the greats generally represent one amongst 2 camps. the primary belongs to those UN agency have the gift to faucet into the essence of associate degree creator or band, serving to them discover one thing in them they didn’t grasp they’d. These producers are generally those UN agency specialize in capturing the foremost honest, vulnerable, and natural performances potential.

Guitar training at Kamata School of Music
Guitar Lessons at Kamata Music School

5. Define What Success means that to You, Then Do What it takes to Succeed

You can’t achieve success if you don’t grasp what success means that to you, and you can’t achieve success if you quit. Therefore work out what you wish, and arrange to create it happen.


If manufacturing hit records aimed toward thought radio is your goal, then sell all of your stuff, move to where your chances of making it can be a realistic option. Move to big cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kigali or Kampala and start out. This is where you can meet with great radio personalities that can make you reach your goals.

If your goal is to become the simplest producer in your band therefore you’ll be able to have the liberty to form records entirely on your own terms, arrange to that goal and you’ll be able to bring home the bacon. If you wish to supply indie records and be the go-to guy for native bands or rappers, then arrange to that goal, and you’ll be able to bring home the bacon it. Simply don’t quit, ever.


All everybody needs is to achieve success. With the appearance of home recording, there have not been additional individuals attempting to form beats or sell themselves as producers. Don’t let that discourage you. Whereas it should seem that there’s additional competition out there, really you’re solely competitive with one person—yourself. If you’re actually in it for your love of music, finding success as a producer is additional possible that you simply ever may need imaginary.

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