Drum lessons


Drum lessons

Best Drum Lessons in Kenya
Best Drum lessons at Kamata School.

Drum lessons at Kamata School is a practised-oriented course. We fashioned them to develop professionals who intend to pursue a career in drumming. Furthermore, you will get qualified and dedicated teachers who will guide you to become the drummer everyone wants to play with.

We are the top-choice institute for drummers in Kenya and Africa. Additionally, Kamata School has produced the most recognised drummers in the region. Our method of teaching works for everyone, thus, our existence.

Drum Lessons Structure

Each Drums training session takes 1 hour. We conduct 2 or 3 weekly tutorials. On Saturdays, you can devote more time to practice. We agree on the days and times between you and us.

The program takes 3 months, totalling 36 days to complete the program. We can adjust the period should the student be unavailable during the training.

Why Study At Kamata School?

Quality Training

First, we value our students, and as a result, we have a state-of-the-art, well-equipped drum class. Therefore, we guarantee your quality guidance and training. The tutors will work with you in making your dream a reality. You’ll leave Kamata School with the tools necessary to work as the best drummer in the world!

Flexible Program

Second, the lessons are quite flexible to suit your programme. That is to say, we agree on the class timings between the teacher and the student. In other words, you will attend the classes despite your tight schedule.


Everyone loves to study in a safe and serene environment. Kamata school is in the heart of Nairobi, making it easily accessible. Moreover, the learning conditions are friendly and exciting.

Live Band Sessions

Since our lessons are practice-based, the school has got live band sessions. This program makes Kamata School special. Drumming during these sessions, the student gets the feel of how the real world stage is. We also encourage the students to study the Entertainment Management course, this will broaden their knowledge of the Entertainment industry.

 All Levels Of Experience

We accept armature and beginners at Kamata School. At Kamata School, no educational requirement is required. We are very passionate about our students. Since music is expansive, we limit no one to become what they want, so we accept all levels of experience.

Kamata School will mould you to be the best and nothing but the best.


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