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Dance promotes fitness, imparts poise and creates self-confidence. Join us on the dance floor and learn more about the fascinating world of dance. We have fantastic teachers, amazing musicians and an atmosphere that inspires learning.

Kamata School of Dance offers classes in Salsa, classical ballet, modern and contemporary dances such as Break Dance and Hip Hop.

Kamata Dance Division has achieved a reputation throughout the dance world in Kenya for the superior quality of its artistic training.

Kamata School of Dance aims to create authentic contemporary dancers – trained equally in contemporary and classical modern dance.

Kamata School opens the dancer’s eyes and minds to all the choreographic possibilities that lie ahead. Many of our former students have gone on to successful careers as choreographers.


Sessions are Hourly; flexible time schedules can be tailored to suit the client’s convenience. The entire program makes up of 23 sessions.

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  1. I’m not that good in dancing but I WOULD like to try taking salsa classes how much does it cost and do you offer classes on WEEKENDS

  2. hi I would like to learn salsa where are you located ?
    kindly inbox your charges for beginners n if someone free on weekends can manage with your program.

  3. I want to practice vocals and playing guitar, piano and drum set… what are the procedures…and lesson plan plus the fees

    1. Our sessions are Hourly. For each of the listed programs you would ideally attend 3 sessions weekly of an Hour each. We can work out a program with you that would enable you take up several programs concurrently. Kindly call us on 0722137784 we make plans. Welcome

  4. am interested in dance ….and I want to he much du you charger for dance practice and wic period du you practice either week day or weekend….I specialised weekends

  5. I’m interested in dancing and would like to join you for a beginner im ready can u guide me through payments and how many sessions

  6. I would like to know whether you offer classes for younger children. I have a daughter who has a passion in dancing in and I would like to enroll her in a dance school.

  7. I am so so much in love with salsa,i would like to learn more,i know the basics,please help me.Been searching for this for so long.

  8. i am interested in kizomba specifically…how many hours do i need to put in ..and how much is the fee ..

  9. actually i hve a talent of dancing and since i hve no friends who can dance it realy flatters my talent away so i wuld lke to improve it more 0791864185 are my numbers plz i am realy intrested so much thanks

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  13. I would like to join this dancing school and learn more about dancing, although am a KMTC student here at Nairobi, I always get my happiness while dancing, I guess thats where my passion lies.

  14. Hi, I love your site.
    I dance, a little and I would love to learn more, especially salsa and ballroom, what is the cost and can I learn both at the same time?
    I was also wondering if you have gigs(for lack of a better word) when/where you dance for pay??

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  17. Hi I’d like to know if you offer contemporary lessons and what are the charges.Furthermore do you have age restrictions?

  18. The Dance program takes about 4 months, sessions are hourly, the entire program is sh29000. We train primarily in Salsa and Contemporary Dances. Kindly call us for more 0722137784. Located along Moi Avenue near Ebrahim Supermarket.

  19. Would wish to sign up for salsa dance as soon as possible…kindly reply to me via my email on your charges and where you are located ASAP..Thank you.

  20. hey,how much is the dancing class.i would like to learn salsa and break dance.i also have an interest in dj.kindly clarify.
    where are you located?i would like to join immediately

  21. Hi…. i would like to learn how to dance salsa with my partner. How much do you charge per session? Where are you located? Can one learn over the weekend?

  22. Am a dancer I can teach and choreograph different dances like salsa and hip hop break dance.,.is there any way u can take me in??

  23. i would really like to know how to dance(contemporary classes ,hip hop ) , sing and also play instruments (the piano and gitar) i would like to know the prices of this classes and when you take your admission. and how long the course will take. thank you.

  24. Type your comment here… I had a question about video coverage i have a gosphel song and i could like to know how you charge and i still need your dancer to parcitipate. How much.

  25. When searching for a dance instructor ensure they can give you a background in all the types of dance you are interested in. This way you’ll be sure your teacher can properly demonstrate how the steps should be executed. In addition, you’ll want to find dance lessons that are suited not just to your musical needs but to your budget and schedule as well. We’re here to help, so check out our dance lessons and sign up with an instructor which you feel most comfortable with. ..

    See you real soon

  26. hey i would like to know if there is like a specific intake,or i can sign up and start classes.and kindly clarify if you you have changing rooms and showers.asante

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