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Kamata Music and Media School is the best music institution in Kenya. The school offers the best music lessons in Nairobi and the entire country. Studying music is very important to every person because of the various disciplines it installs in individuals. For those who have learnt and mastered this craft, they have abilities that are of high significance and importance. The music lessons at Kamata Music and Media School will turn your life around.

Do you love music? Do you like the way music instrumentalists play the Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, and the violin? Well, it is such an amazing experience and profession. Music practitioners tend to have a unique way of how they handle things in their day to day activities. This is because having the ability of playing music has its emotional, physical, and mental advantages to any person. Music tends to be the only thing that has been scientifically been proven to occupy a human being’s entire brain.


If you are considering taking up a music lesson, think about this. You are going to have a good, sharp memory and an amazing sensory ability. Well, when I first came across this idea, I had my own doubts of course. How possible is that? I asked myself. I couldn’t keep up with that fact because I had been playing music and had not noticed the changes it had encrypted in me. But then I started looking into me and know what, I noticed the difference I had experienced since I started playing music. This made me have a desire of knowing the facts and logic behind this. Here’s it. Music uses both sides of the brain. It stimulates the entire human brain. The result of this is that the stimulation caused by music tends to have an impact to its functioning. For this reason, its memory also tends to increase when jamming or learning an instrument. Because one has to be keen with his or her ears when playing or learning an instrument so that notes cannot be missed, the listening abilities of such an individual grow as days go by.

Prepare to start having a relaxed state of mind after your music lessons start. The reason behind this argument is quite simple. You are not going to have lots of stress and anxiety. Take a look and observe other persons who have played music instruments for quite some time. You will hardly notice signs of anxiety and stress in them. When playing music, one can get an altered state of consciousness. This is the same as meditation. In this state of mind, the brain releases stimulants that tend to reduce anxiety and stress. With enough and good practice overtime, one becomes stress and anxiety free.


Well, have you taken a good look at people who play music instruments? If you haven’t and start observing, you will notice that most of them sit and walk upright. This is because an upright posture needs to be maintained when playing or learning a music instrument. That is why it is very often for music tutors to make emphasis on keeping up a straight posture. With continued practice and playing over a realistic period of time, one gets an upright posture. This posture does not only make an individual’s physical appearance look appealing but also allows the body to have a proportional spread of muscles and tissues thus leading to a healthy body.

Another advantage of studying a music instrument or playing an instrument is that it tends to improve an individual’s confidence. I was kind of a freaky guy who always got freaked out by many things. What I saw, what I thought and what happened around me was all freaky. I had no friends, never liked the idea of having a job, and I hated everything that happened around me because I had brainwashed myself to that extend. I blamed the world for not opening up to me. I never realized that I was the one who had not opened up to the world. I had started seeing a change of things when I first learnt music. Well, I was a student at Kamata School of Music a few years ago. My Piano teacher was one hell of a guy who was always making me do the demonstrations he did practically. He would always make me play what I had learnt repeatedly until I grasped the content then made to show other students who were quite behind me in class schedules. I learnt how to communicate because I couldn’t mute up when I had to make an explanation to those I was showing what I had learnt. That changed me a lot; I started opening up and finally, I had grown this confidence in me. Today, I am not freaked out by the world; I seem to be the one freaking it with my crazy ideas that are musically propelled.


Learning music helps an individual properly manage time. Because classes happen in schedules in many music institutions, the habit of keeping time grows within a student making the individual have the ability of managing time. Besides this, one begins to properly manage his or her time. I remember my music teacher giving me deadlines to work on a song in my music production classes. I had to properly manage my time to realistically do my best and submit projects that were awesome and captivating. When paying with a band for example, one has to properly manage his or her time so that he or she can be available for rehearsals, get to master the songs they are going to do in a gig or event, and punctual in events. If you are not a good-time keeper, I believe that studying and playing music is going to make you one!

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