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While selecting the location of Kamata School a lot of questions had to be asked.

  • Where would be the best learning environment for student?
  • Where would it be easy to reach no matter what part of Nairobi you are from?
  • Where can one have easy access to commuter services without a lot of difficulty?
  • Where would the student feel most secure while learning…etc.

While these questions seem unnecessary to some, they are very important to our students. Students needed a place where there is no disturbance in form of noise, therefore choosing Queensway House along Kaunda Street was just perfect.

Kamata School being on the second floor of the building makes sure that the student is well protected from the hassle and bustle of the street down below making learning a lot easier and more enjoyable.

The School is also conveniently located a walking distance away from all the major bus stops in the city. This makes it easier to access the school no matter where you are coming from. You don’t need to connect busses or hire taxis or bodabodas to get to Kamata School. The first bus you get on will bring you straight to Kamata School.

Being on the Upper side of town ensures that our students are safe while coming or going. Losing personal items while coming to school is unheard of. The building itself is protected throughout to ensure nothing bad happens to our students.

The street outside the school is well paved making sure that cleanliness is also maintained and the health of our students is not in any way affected by the environment. The School also ensures that everything is cleaned before the start of day and classes well arranged to ensure ease of movement and study as the day progresses .

We believe in maintaining a serene environment and our location and competent staff are there to ensure that this remains a reality. These same standards are expected from any other institution e.g. hotels and studios  that the school may collaborate with during the students’ course of study e.g. in school trips, team building activities and other related exercises. Our Students’ well being is highly valued as is evident in how we conduct ourselves


Join kamata School today and we will ensure that you get the best available services offered by our competent tutors.

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